Several Samsung Galaxy flagships are getting May security update

Samsung Galaxy S20 Back 1

Quite a few Samsung flagship phones are getting the May 2020 security update extremely early in the month. Originally, Samsung put the update out for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, but it followed up shortly after with updates for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy Fold.

According to a report from XDA-Developers, the Samsung Galaxy software update is called software version N97xFXXS4CTD1. Compared to the last batch of updates, this one is quite small at around 170MB. This means it shouldn’t take too long for most users to download it to their devices and start enjoying an increased level of security.

There isn’t much in the way of new features. Rather, it’s listed as just security fixes and performance enhancements. While not as exciting as some updates, getting more security on a smartphone is never a bad thing.

Additionally, reports indicate that this update comes with a new bootloader that will prevent users from manually downgrading to old versions.

The update is rolling out in many countries, with more expected soon. If you’re not seeing it on your device, be patient and the Samsung Galaxy May update should be available to download soon enough.

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