Amazon’s revamped Alexa app home screen offers personalized suggestions

amazon alexa app iphone july 2020

Credit: Jon Fingas/ Android Authority
  • Amazon has redesigned the Alexa app home screen to focus on personalized task suggestions.
  • It also puts the voice assistant front and center.
  • There are recommendations for newcomers to Alexa.

Amazon is overhauling Alexa’s mobile app, and it could be a big step forward if you have a routine set of tasks for the voice assistant.

CNBC reports that updated versions of the Android, iOS, and Fire OS apps have redesigned home screens with personalized suggestions based on your habits. If you’re frequently listening to audiobooks or turning down the volume on your Echo Buds, you can perform those tasks again with a tap or two.

You’ll also see suggestions if you’re new to Alexa, such as adding to a shopping list or playing songs from Amazon Music.

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It should be easier to start voice commands as well. On top of recently introduced hands-free voice control, there’s now a more prominent Alexa button. Some features have been shunted to the side, though. You’ll have to visit a More section on the navigation bar to check reminders, routines, skills, and other elements that were sometimes more prominent.

The update should be available worldwide over the course of the next month, with everyone updated by late August. This may not be an ideal update if suggestions don’t fit your behavior, but it could be very convenient if you have a few commands you perform on a regular basis.

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