Amazon’s Alexa app now offers hands-free voice commands

amazon app alexa hands free wake word

Credit: Amazon

  • You can now ask Alexa to perform tasks on any Android or iOS device without tapping a button first.
  • This only applies while the app is open.
  • It should reach users within the next several days.

You no longer need to tap a button (or buy a Fire tablet) to ask Amazon Alexa for help on your mobile devices, as hands-free voice commands are rolling out now to the Alexa apps for Android and iOS.

As with other hands-free Alexa devices, you just have to speak the keyword (“Alexa� by default) when you want to check the weather, play music, or control your smart home. However, you do need the app open — Alexa won’t be waiting for your instructions in the background like it does with Amazon’s tablets. It’s more convenient, then, but it won’t replace a smart speaker.

The feature will take several days to roll out worldwide, and you can always disable it if you’re worried the app might pick up a command by accident. While this won’t be as powerful as built-in voice helpers like Google Assistant and Siri, it could make life easier if your household revolves around Amazon’s ecosystem.

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