Walmart Plus may launch in July to compete with Amazon Prime

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  • Rumor has it Walmart is about to launch a new subscription service called Walmart Plus.
  • The service may launch later in July to compete with Amazon Prime.
  • Perks will reportedly include unlimited same-day grocery delivery and more.

Walmart may finally be ready to offer its answer to Amazon’s highly popular Prime subscription service. Vox reports Walmart Plus will launch sometime later in July.

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The service (branded as Walmart+) will reportedly cost $98 a year, compared to the current $119 annual price tag for Amazon Prime. Walmart Plus subscribers will get a number of perks. The big one will be unlimited same-day grocery delivery from Walmart Supercenter locations. The service may also offer users reserved parking spots for picking up groceries, as well as a limited version of Walmart’s Express service, which includes two-hour delivery of products in select cities.

Vox claims other perks may include fuel price cuts at Walmart gas stations, along with early access to special deals. It may also include a way for shoppers to scan and purchase products in stores, and then leave without waiting in line at the register. Finally, the service may have some kind of video content, although the story didn’t offer any further details. Ironically, Walmart recently sold off its Vudu digital video store to Fandango. Prime Video, which offers access to thousands of free movies and TV shows, including a number of exclusive films and series, is one of the biggest perks of Amazon Prime.

Will Walmart Plus be worth the price?

The big question: Will this new service offer enough for customers to want to pay $98 for a year of access? Amazon has certainly had a huge success with its Prime service. In 2018, it claimed that it had over 100 million Prime subscribers. That number has certainly gone up since then. However, Walmart has thousands of physical locations that are in place just in the US. Ultimately, it will depend on how much the retailer will give customers for that high yearly price tag.

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