Zhiyun’s latest gimbal can handle your giant DSLR camera

zhiyun crane 2s camera gimbal

Credit: Zhiyun
  • Zhiyun has unveiled the Crane-2S, a camera gimbal for dedicated videographers.
  • The new model can handle very large cameras like Canon’s EOS 1DX Mark II.
  • It’s available starting at $819.

Zhiyun is increasingly well-known for its smartphone gimbals, but its latest offering is aimed at particularly devoted videographers. The company has introduced the Crane-2S, a gimbal that can handle some of the largest pro cameras.

The modular Crane-2S gimbal has a load capacity high enough for premium DSLRs and mirrorless cameras like the Canon EOS 1DX Mark II, Nikon D850, and Panasonic S1H. Accordingly, a carbon fiber handle keeps the design strong with minimal weight.

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Zhiyun also says its gimbal offers ninth-generation image stabilization with more powerful motors and overall improved responsiveness. The Crane-2S lasts for 12 hours on a charge, but it supports backup batteries for longer filmmaking sessions. An 0.96-inch OLED screen helps you control settings.

The Crane-2S is available to order now, starting at $599 for a no-frills gimbal, $649 for a combo with batteries and a grip, and $849 for a pro kit with a smartphone cradle, a stand and other attachments to help your camera work. You can buy the gimbal from Amazon, B&H, and other retailers.

If that’s overkill for your needs, you’ll be glad to hear that Zhiyun is discounting some of its older gimbals at the same time. The WEEBILL-S is down to $299.25 ($100 off) at Amazon with the coupon code WBS299USD. The Crane-3S is on sale for $554.25 ($184.75 off) with code 35AIVC93, while the top-tier Crane-3S Pro is selling for $861.75 ($287.25 off) if you enter the same code. All three deals expire after January 15th, so you’ll want to move quickly.

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