You told us: By far, T-Mobile is the most popular carrier with AA readers

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US carriers are constantly changing their plans and pricing, which can make it difficult to narrow down the best carrier for your needs. With things changing so often, we wanted to get your thoughts on US carriers.

Last week, we asked you to choose your favorite carrier. Plenty of votes rolled in, and there is one (well, two) carriers that stood above the rest.

Which US carrier do you recommend?


Out of over 1,500 total votes, the clear winner is T-Mobile and Sprint with 47.93% of the overall votes. Now, T-Mobile and Sprint have a slightly unfair advantage since it’s two carriers combined into one, but T-Mobile definitely carried the weight here. Most of the comments on our poll article were users praising T-Mobile for its service and perks.

In a not-so-close second, Verizon achieved 25.87% of the votes. Many people love Verizon’s service, but the pricing is often too high compared to other carriers. Speaking of prices being too high, third place goes to AT&T with 16.13% of the votes.

US Cellular, now the fourth-largest carrier in the US following the T-Mobile-Sprint merger, achieved a measly 1.25% of the votes.

A fair amount of people also voted “other.� I admit, our poll was meant to favor postpaid carriers, but prepaid carriers are still a big deal in the US. Most non-T-Mobile comments on our article were praising Mint Mobile, a carrier that’s known for its solid coverage and low prices. Surprise, surprise, it’s also powered by T-Mobile’s network.

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Here’s what you had to say

Here are some of the best comments from last week’s poll explaining why they voted the way that they did:

  • D9: Lol 😂, look 👀 at the huge percentage for T-mobile/Sprint. They’d be great if they worked past the city limits signs. 😉
  • roaduardo: T-Mobile and it’s not even close.
  • Lamar Taylor: I own the iPhone 11 Pro Max on Verizon and the GS20 Ultra on AT&T. I live in Los Angeles but I travel at least once a month. Verizon is by far the best network overall with the strongest signal in the most areas. AT&T is good but sometimes it’s signal isn’t as good indoors and in urban areas. I have friends with T-Mobile and they are always losing their signal indoors and on road trips. Example…I drove to Vegas for the July 4th holiday weekend and I had a strong signal with Verizon even in the remote part of the drive. AT&T had a good signal but my friend with T-Mobile had issues in remote areas.
  • smonkeyball: The nice thing about T-Mobile is that they are easy to work with regarding unlocked Android devices. I had issues with AT&T blocking wifi calling but switched to T-Mobile and now it just works.
  • Robert Cassidy: Mint Mobile(which uses T Mobile towers) is my top choice. I have 3 phones on Mint for the same amount of $ as 1 phone on Cricket.( also 4 gigs more total data)
  • BlackSh33p: I use Mint (T-Mobile) and RedPocket (ATT)… They are about neck and neck in my area.
  • Jason Klein: I feel like a lot of this is region based. In the South, AT&T is tops because it bought out Cingular, which built out such a strong network so many years ago. Where I live, for example, no company gets service AT ALL other than AT&T.
  • Eric James Pearson: Mint mobile. It uses t mobile and has wifi calling for areas with bad coverage.
  • Zaneight: Google Fi
  • Hippie: T Mobile? Probably won because it’s cheap. Worst coverage of the big 3 by far.
  • Gert Finkelhoffer: Back in 2007 when I finally decided to stop US West from ripping me off, I caved & bought a cellphone. I researched various companies & decided on PagePlus (Tracfone). I hate talking on the phone so their plans were perfect for me (same for the phone I bought, an LG VX8300). I paid $25.00 for 400 minutes (.10 a minute), I only had to reup every 4 months & everything carried over. The only gripe I have is their customer service is mostly nonexistent. Last August my original phone was still working but the flip part was broken so I upgraded to a ‘smartphone’. Paid $65.00 for a Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit, which is perfectly fine. I do have a couple of complaints about WiFi not working like it should but I only use it for a couple of things outside of my home, so I can live with it.

That’s it for this week. As always, thanks for voting, thanks for the comments, and don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the results below.

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