These lavish rose gold Galaxy Note 20 Ultras will cost you a cool $6,000

samsung galaxy note 20 ultra caviar white marble

Credit: Caviar
  • Russian luxury firm Caviar is now offering the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in finishes inspired by famous monuments.
  • The materials used include emerald marble, white stone, and rose gold.
  • The phones begin at $5,750, four times more expensive than the standard Note 20 Ultra.

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra just isn’t expensive or flashy enough for you, Russian luxury firm Caviar has a solution.

The firm often embellishes flagships with gold and other precious metals, transforming them into pieces of jewelry that also happen to run apps and place calls. However, there seems to be something bland about all-gold smartphones judging by its latest options.

Dubbed the Eternity Collection, the new range of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra redesigns adds textures, patterns, and etchings inspired by famous monuments. Although they do look a bit like Samsung’s own Mystic Bronze finish in parts, Caviar explains the devices are plated in rose gold.

samsung galaxy note 20 ultra caviar leather

Credit: Caviar

For those on a budget, the cheapest option is the $5,750 Galaxy Note 20 Ultra which wears a white stone and rose gold backplate inspired by Athens’ Parthenon. If you spend just $500 more, you can flaunt a St. Basil’s Cathedral-inspired Note 20 Ultra. This finish uses “red genuine marble� laid within a rose gold cocoon.

A third finish based on Istanbul’s Hagia Sofia mosque uses alligator leather, while another based on China’s Forbidden City employs emerald green marble. The latter is meant to embody “the majestic splendor of the Forbidden City on the smartphone’s body.�

samsung galaxy note 20 ultra caviar red marble

Credit: Caviar

These four options are only available with 256GB of storage, and it’s not clear if they employ the Exynos 990 chipset or the Snapdragon 865 Plus. That said, it’s unlikely that performance is important for someone who wants actual stone slabs on their smartphone.

These devices probably aren’t for clumsy folk, too. Just 99 devices in each finish will be built, making them even rarer than most hypercars.

Granted, there have been plenty of complaints about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s price, but you could still snap up four 128GB versions for the cheapest Caviar rework. You can grab one of those cheaper Samsungs below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Bigger, better, and pricier
Samsung’s Galaxy Note line has always been for the power users, and this year’s models are no different — especially the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. This new ultra-premium phone is Samsung’s most refined device yet.

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