Speed Test G: Google Pixel 4a vs Google Pixel 4 (Man, it’s not even close)

This week, Google finally took the wraps off the Google Pixel 4a. The $350 phone boasts the best of the Pixel ecosystem with none of the flashy features bogging it down. But how will it compare to its namesake? Let’s find out in this Google Pixel 4a vs Google Pixel 4 Speed Test G challenge!

The Pixel 4a is a 2020 smartphone powered by a Snapdragon 730G and the Adreno 618. The Pixel 4, though, is a 2019 smartphone powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and the Adreno 640. As one might expect, the Pixel 4 overpowers the Pixel 4a by a significant margin.

However, a lot of consumers tend to think that newer phones are usually better than older ones, regardless of price points or specs. If you hold that opinion, you’ll definitely want to watch the Google Pixel 4a vs Google Pixel 4 video above, as it will confirm that that is decidedly not how it works.

Granted, the processing speed of phones is rarely the sole determining factor for a purchase. We recommend checking out our Google Pixel 4a buyer’s guide to learn all about what the phone offers over the Pixel 4.

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