Samsung will reveal the ‘future of the display’ at a January 6 event

samsung display first look 2021 event

Credit: Samsung
  • Samsung has announced a First Look 2021 event for January 6.
  • It promises to show the “future of the display.â€�
  • The teaser hints at more than just TVs.

Samsung often kicks off the new year with TVs and other big screens, but it might be more ambitious in 2021. The company has announced a First Look 2021 event on January 6 at 11AM ET where it’s promising to show the “future of the display� through the latest Samsung technologies and “visions.� You can watch online at Samsung’s website.

Details are unsurprisingly scarce, but the teaser image makes it clear that Samsung is thinking about display tech beyond conventional TVs, although those might well appear (the silhouette at right suggests a Serif TV follow-up). You might be looking at computer monitors, for example. We certainly wouldn’t rule out new flexible or foldable screens.

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Don’t be surprised if the focus is on MicroLED and Mini-LED. Samsung just introduced its first pre-built MicroLED TV, and it’s expected to release TVs (and possibly other products) using “Quantum Mini-LED� displays. In both cases, you should see contrast ratios and black levels that are closer to OLED without pitfalls like low brightness or the potential for screen burn-in.

These technologies are most likely to make their way into TVs first, but Samsung could use the First Look event to showcase Mini-LED tablets and laptops.

You’ll likely have to wait longer for any concrete phone news. Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy S21 and possibly more foldable phones at a January 14 event, and that means saving First Look for larger displays. Even so, there’s a good chance that any tech introduced on January 6 could affect what you see on future phones and tablets.

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