Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 gets an early hands-on review: Watch it here

  • The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 has already received a colorful hands-on video review.
  • The review contains comparisons with the Galaxy Fold.
  • Preorders for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will begin on September 1.

Are you bored sick waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2? Yet another live video of the foldable phone has now arrived to keep you occupied. The clip takes the form of a hands-on review published to YouTube (via SamMobile) which showcases a fair bit even if you can’t quite understand the language.

There’s plenty to glean from the tidy visuals. For starters, the video compares the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with its Galaxy Fold sibling, and the latter really looks like a prototype. The newer foldable’s outer display is far larger than the Galaxy Fold’s and seems far more usable, too.

The review also demonstrates that you could, in theory, play games on the outer display or use it for navigation. Using this screen with one hand also seems pretty easy (perhaps not for clumsy folk) as the folded edges provide more surface area to hold.

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As for the foldable display, gone is the notch and in comes the punch-hole, a feature that also seems to free up a considerable amount of screen. The Galaxy Z Fold 2’s center crease on its 7.6-inch display is also apparent in this clip in some angles, but viewing the screen straight on doesn’t seem to highlight it.

At the rear, the more pronounced camera hump may be an issue for some who wish to use the Galaxy Z Fold 2 on flat surfaces. The device wobbles about when lying on a table or desk, an annoying sacrifice for better camera hardware. Flex Mode, which allows the phone to be used in a mini-laptop format, largely negates this issue though.

Preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will commence on September 1. There’s no word on pricing just yet, but expect it to still cost a fair bit. That said, it does look like a more refined machine than its predecessor.

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