Samsung Access gives you a new phone, extra perks for one monthly fee

Samsung Galaxy S20 Display 2

Apple was one of the first manufacturers to offer a subscription service for phone upgrades, allowing users to get the latest iPhone for one flat monthly fee. 

Samsung offered a similar program too, and it’s now offering an all-new upgrade program called Samsung Access (h/t: XDA-Developers). So how does it differ from the legacy Samsung Phone Upgrade Program, then?

The Samsung Access initiative includes a number of perks aside from being able to upgrade your phone. These perks include Premium Care protection and support, and Microsoft 365 Personal (including 1TB of OneDrive storage and premium Office apps).

There are a few caveats though, as you need to return your current device before upgrading. Furthermore, you can only upgrade after a minimum of nine months, and you can only cancel after three months. Want to upgrade or cancel earlier than that? Then you’ll need to splash out $100, Samsung says.

It’s also worth noting that there are separate prices for each Galaxy S20 device, with the standard S20 retailing for $37 a month on Samsung Access. Opt for the Galaxy S20 Plus and you’ll be paying $42 a month (or $46 for the 512GB option), while the Galaxy S20 Ultra retails for $48 a month. The S20 and S20 Ultra models are only available in 128GB flavors via this initiative. 

Furthermore, you can’t trade in your current phone to join Samsung Access. Meanwhile, Samsung’s legacy upgrade plan allows you to do this. Like the idea of this Samsung Galaxy subscription program nonetheless? Then check out Samsung Access via the button below.