Poll: Do you use the news feed to the left of your home screen?

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Many phones offer some form of news aggregator feed to the left of your home screen, whether it’s an Android staple like Google Discover or brand-specific tools like the OnePlus Shelf or Samsung Free. It’s a quick way to catch up on the day’s events without installing news apps or hunting for stories on the web.

It hasn’t always been clear which of these news aggregator features get the most use, though. You won’t necessarily check for the latest happenings just because the option is available on your phone. As such, we’re turning to you to get answers. Which news feed do you use on your device, if you use one at all?

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It’s easy to see why you might use one. News can be overwhelming, particularly in 2020, and an aggregator can help you digest the most important stories at a glance. They also tend to offer news from a range of sources, so you may get a more complete view than you would if you only visited a favorite news outlet. And there’s little doubt that time is valuable — if you only have a spare minute, even a brief peek at the news is better than nothing.

We wouldn’t blame you for avoiding news aggregators, mind you. They can add bloat to your home screen layout, and might pick stories you don’t care to read even after you’ve set preferences. For that matter, they can also encourage a superficial understanding of the news. There might not be much need to use a feed if you’re already planning to read long-form stories.

Feel free to elaborate on your news aggregator choice in the comments. We’ll let you know which one led the pack.

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