Parler website returns from the dead, promises to welcome back all users soon

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Credit: Parler
  • The Parler website is live once again after it was shut down last week for hosting violent content.
  • The CEO of the social media platform has promised to welcome back all users soon.
  • The website’s domain is now registered with Epik, a firm that’s also a domain registrar for other far-right sites.

Social media platform Parler was completely booted out of existence last week when Google and Apple removed it from their respective app stores and AWS shut down its web servers. Now though, it seems Parler is coming back from the dead.

A message from Parler CEO John Matze, first spotted by CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan, started showing up on the platform’s website this Sunday. It promises that the firm will “resolve any challenge� and plans to welcome users back soon. You can read the full message in the screenshot of the website pasted below.

Parler website message screenshot 1

Credit: Parler

Parler shut down because it was discovered that some right-wing groups used it to promote the mob attack on the US Capitol in Washington D.C.

CNN reports that the platform’s domain is now registered with Epik, a company that’s also the domain registrar for other far-right and extremist social sites like Gab and 8chan.

It’s still unclear who is hosting Parler’s website after it was deplatformed from AWS and when exactly the social network will return. There’s also no word on the Parler app getting reinstated on the Play Store or App Store. However, speaking to Fox News on Sunday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that if the platform gets better moderation policies, the Cupertino company could revoke its App Store suspension.

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