New Google tool helps you enforce social distancing with your camera

Google Sodar uses AR to help you enforce social distancing practices.

Social distancing is the new norm as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but enforcing this practice can be tough when you’re at the supermarket or in other public spaces.

Fortunately, Google has published a new web tool dubbed Sodar (h/t: 9to5Google) that uses augmented reality to help you out in these situations.

The tool uses Web XR and augmented reality to overlay a ring around you with a two meter radius, notes an explanation of Sodar on its website. This way, you can quickly figure out if anyone is a little too close for comfort and take action accordingly.

Want to try it out? You can do so by simply visiting the Sodar website via Chrome on your Android phone. Your mileage may vary in terms of compatibility, but the tool worked on our Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Google Pixel 4 after updating Chrome on both devices.

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