January 21, 2021

Need a replacement Chromebook charger? These are your best choices.

A trusty charger is almost as important as your Chromebook itself. Here are the best options if you need to grab a new one.

Acer Chrome logo on Chromebook

Chromebooks are light and fast, but without a reliable charger they can become expensive paperweights. Whether your current Chromebook charger is beginning to show its age or you seem to have misplaced it, a spare is a must-have. Here are some of the best Chromebook replacement chargers you can pick up right now.

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Many Chromebook manufacturers use their own unique connections, so there aren’t many universal options. However, USB-C is slowly becoming a more popular option for newer models. We’ve tried to cover a few of the top manufacturers as well as some good USB-C Chromebook laptop chargers.

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Best replacement Chromebook chargers:

This list can be a bit confusing as some newer models rely on USB-C charging, so double-check your Chromebook carefully before you order!

Acer Chromebook charger

acer chromebook charger

Nearly all Acer Chromebooks, and some Acer Windows laptops, use the same 65W charger. As a result, chargers are very easy to find and easily affordable. Specifically, this connector has an internal diameter of 1mm and an external diameter of 3mm. The charger works with Acer Chromebooks from 11 to 15 inches as well as the Aspire S5, R, and V.

$13 .49
Acer 65W Chromebook Charger
Buy it Now
Acer 65W Chromebook Charger Buy it Now
$13 .49

HP Chromebook charger

siker hp charger

The HP-compatible Siker charger we’ve chosen packs the same level of output as the Acer charger, though the connectivity is different. HP utilizes a distinctive blue-tipped charger with a 3mm internal diameter and a 4.5mm external diameter. This charger works with HP’s Chromebook 14 and Pavilion 15 lines, as well as others.

$12 .99
Siker 65W HP Chromebook Charger
Save $1 .89
Buy it Now
Siker 65W HP Chromebook Charger Buy it Now
Save $1 .89 $12 .99

Samsung Chromebook charger

powersource samsung chromebook charger

Samsung’s Chromebook replacement charger comes from PowerSource, and it even features an extra-long seven-foot cable. With a max output of 26W, it’s less powerful than some other options but it works with both the Samsung Chromebook 2 and Chromebook 3. Newer Samsung options have made the switch to USB-C, so read on if this doesn’t fit your needs.

$17 .97
PowerSource 26W Samsung Chromebook Charger
Buy it Now
PowerSource 26W Samsung Chromebook Charger Buy it Now
$17 .97

Dell Chromebook charger

powseed 65w dell charger

The 65W Powseed charger is perfect if you’re looking to replace your Dell’s Chromebook laptop charger. Its internal diameter is 5mm and the external diameter is 7.4mm, so the charger will work with select Latitude, Vostro, and Inspiron laptops as well. With a total length of nearly 11 feet, the Powseed charger offers the freedom to work wherever you’re comfortable.

$15 .90
Powseed 65W Dell Chromebook Charger
Buy it Now
Powseed 65W Dell Chromebook Charger Buy it Now
$15 .90

USB-C Chromebook chargers

These last two Chromebook replacement chargers are the most convenient and flexible options. Because they connect via USB-C, these chargers can be used for far more than just Chromebooks. You can easily use them to charge select Android phones, headphones, and power banks.

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Pwr Plus USB-C Charger

pwr plus charger

The first option, the Pwr Plus charger, sets itself apart by having the longest cable on this list. With a range of 12 feet, you don’t have to be close to an outlet to have reliable charging. Pwr Plus emphasizes that this charger is perfect for Lenovo laptops and Chromebooks, though you can use it for any USB-C device with varying speeds.

$31 .99
Pwr Plus USB-C Charger
Buy it Now
Pwr Plus USB-C Charger Buy it Now
$31 .99

Nekteck USB-C Charger

nekteck usb c charger

This last charger is a great choice if you’re looking to beef up your Chromebook charging station. The cable is built into the body, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally disconnecting it like a few other options. Nekteck’s charger features a six-foot USB-C fast charging cable that carries a USB-IF certification for security. It intelligently identifies your device and adjusts the charging speed up to 45W.

$18 .99
Nekteck USB-C Charger
Save $1 .00
Buy it Now
Nekteck USB-C Charger Buy it Now
Save $1 .00 $18 .99

Chromebook charging FAQ

Q: Why is my Chromebook not charging?

A: Chromebooks can struggle to charge for any number of reasons. You’ll want to make sure that there is no dirt in your charger or Chromebook, and that the charger is fully plugged into the wall.

Q: Can I use my Chromebook charger for my phone?

A: It depends. Both your Chromebook and phone need to have USB-C ports. Manufacturer-specific chargers like those mentioned above will not work with your phone. Also, depending on your charger and Chromebook, you may get low charging speeds or they may not work together at all.

Q: Can you charge a Chromebook with a phone charger?

A: It depends. See the answer above.

Q: Can you charge a Chromebook without the charger?

A: This is a bit of a tricky answer. If you’re stuck without an outlet you can always try using a power bank or a car charger. If your Chromebook has a USB-C port but doesn’t use it primarily for charging, you can go to the Power menu and select to charge via USB-C.

Q: How to charge a Chromebook faster?

A: Well, you can’t really charge your Chromebook faster, though you can do a number of things to extend your battery life and charge less often. It may help to lower the brightness, turn off Bluetooth, and remove peripherals like a wired mouse.

Those are a few of our picks for the best Chromebook replacement chargers as well as a handy FAQ. Here are a few resources that might help you to accessorize your new gadget: