Microsoft Surface Duo shown off in 30-minute press video

  • An official press video centered on the Microsoft Surface Duo is now available to all on YouTube.
  • The video shows off the device from all angles and various Microsoft employees demonstrate some of its features.
  • The Surface Duo is in the pre-order stage now and costs $1,399.

Earlier this week, Microsoft officially launched the Microsoft Surface Duo, a brand new Android-powered device. The “smartphone� (if it can be called that) is like a mini-laptop, with two 5.6-inch displays connected together by a hinge.

At first, all we had were some press photos of the device, but now Microsoft has uploaded a 30-minute video centered on the Surface Duo. You can see the new product from all angles and there are some nifty demonstrations of its unique features.

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You also get to hear some classic Panos Panay-isms, such as “I want you to see what happens, because it’s pretty emotional,� as he shifts the Surface Duo from portrait mode to landscape mode.

Microsoft Surface Duo video: What do we learn?

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot in the video that we didn’t already know. We’ve already seen the device a few times and Microsoft has been talking up its dual-screen features ever since it first revealed it in October last year.

However, we do eventually get to see some new bumper cases for the Duo. If you buy a Microsoft Surface Duo, it comes with a white bumper case in the box. In the video, though, we see the same case in a variety of colors, suggesting there could be more accessories on the way.

The Surface Duo is currently in the pre-order stage. It will set you back $1,399 for the base model, which has 128GB of storage. You can find out everything you want to know about the unique device here.

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