LG Velvet hands-on video shows the device in even more detail

We expect the formal announcement of the LG Velvet to happen on May 7, which is just a few days from now. However, a YouTube channel published a video today that shows the new flagship smartphone from pretty much every angle.

The video, which we’ve embedded above, is unlike most early hands-on YouTube fodder in that it doesn’t have 20 seconds of low-light portrait mode footage of the phone. Instead, we’re treated to bright, long shots of the LG Velvet in multiple colorways. We even get a look at the official specs sheet (in Korean) and see the phone in use.

We also see the previously rumored stylus that looks quite a bit like the Apple Pencil. It’s unclear if this is a product LG will launch with the Velvet but it works with an app called Nebo that appears to be pre-installed on the phone. Either way, the person operating the camera in the video uses the stylus on the Velvet for a bit.

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Overall, the video makes the LG Velvet seem like a real flagship phone. It’s got a unique design, some great colors, a good display, a unique camera system, and some premium specs. Of course, it doesn’t have a flagship processor, but the Snapdragon 765 will get the job done (and likely keep the price low).

As mentioned earlier, we expect the LG Velvet to officially land on May 7. We’ll find out everything we need to know about the phone then, including how much it will cost, when you’ll be able to get it, and where it will land throughout the world.

To check out another video featuring the LG Velvet, click here.

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