June 2020 Android security patch rolling out now to Google Pixel phones

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It’s time for the June 2020 Android security patch! If you own a Google Pixel smartphone (any except for the original Pixel), you can perform a software update check now in System Settings to grab the new patch. Conversely, you can update manually or simply wait for the OTA notification.

According to the bulletin associated with the June 2020 Android security patch, there are a lot of updates on hand here aside from just the new patch. We covered a few of them in our roundup of the latest Pixel feature drop but check the image below to see all of them.

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June 2020 Android security patchGoogle

Source: Google

It should be mentioned that the June 2020 Android security patch is also already rolling out to some Samsung phones. Sammy’s been doing a great job at updates recently, so this is a trend we are very happy to see.

If you don’t want to wait for the OTA alert on your Pixel phone, you can always manually update. To download the factory image or OTA, click the appropriate link below. Don’t have a Pixel phone? You can grab a Google Pixel 3a for just $350 right now and get all the fast Android updates you could ever want.

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