Here’s when OnePlus will release its final OxygenOS 11 preview

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  • OnePlus will release the final OxygenOS developer preview on August 10.
  • It will include new design elements and hoped-for features.
  • Always-on display support may be a key addition.

You won’t have to wait long to try the latest version of OxygenOS on your OnePlus phone. Company chief Pete Lau has revealed that the final developer preview build of OxygenOS 11 will be available on August 10.

Lau didn’t divulge exactly what was coming to the software with the new build, but he did hint at “fresh design elements� alongside “highly anticipated features.� The Android variant would still be speedy, clean, and offer lots of customization, the executive said. Some additions were in direct response to feedback.

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There have been a few clues as to what might be in the pipeline. OnePlus has repeatedly talked about introducing an always-on display feature with version 11. While the company hasn’t been clear on functionality, this would likely echo features on rival phones and let you check the time, calendar, notifications, and other basic info without having to wake or unlock the screen.

OxygenOS releases are also frequently tied to significant Android revisions, so you can expect OS 11 to incorporate Android 11 features like improved media controls and a new approach to conversation notifications.

Device compatibility is an unknown, although history suggests OnePlus will focus on recent phones like the 8 series and Nord.

It’s still not certain when the finished version of OxygenOS 11 will be available to the public. Polished releases typically follow some weeks after Google releases the respective version of Android. Google released Android 10 in early September of 2019. However, it won’t necessarily reach every phone at the same time. You may have to wait a while longer if you have an older phone and don’t want to beta test software.

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