May 18, 2022

Google Chrome is testing a ‘download later’ feature: here’s now to enable it

Google Chrome could soon replace your dedicated Android download manager.

Google Chrome on smartphone next to globe stock photo

  • Google is currently testing a “download laterâ€� feature for Chrome.
  • The feature will let users schedule downloads.
  • It’s only available in Canary builds hidden behind a flag.

Google Chrome on Android will soon let users schedule downloads, effectively transforming the browser into a file download manager.

As spotted by Techdows (via XDA-Developers), the new feature will ask users if files should be downloaded when connected to a Wi-Fi network, or at a specific date and time. This is particularly useful for those on restrictive data plans, or those with unlimited data at specific periods of the day.

This feature adds to Google Chrome’s rudimentary download options at present, which asks for the file’s saved location but little else.

While the scheduling feature is not yet available on stable builds, you can get it by switching on the “Enable download later� flag in the Canary build of Google Chrome 86.

Google Chrome remains Android’s most used browser, with more than 60% market-share according to Statcounter. This little feature will likely add to its popularity.

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