Get ready to record long videos, Android 11 removes 4GB video recording cap

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Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

The 4GB video recording cap has been a thorn in Android videographers’ sides for long enough and it’s finally going away with Android 11. Anyone who has ever tried to record long videos in 4K has surely come against this limit and seen their videos split into multiple files.

As first reported by Android Police, the first Android 11 beta has technically removed the size limit for video recordings, but very few apps actually support the larger file size limit yet. Unfortunately, Google Camera is not one of the apps supported, which is quite a disappointment since this is the app used by a large portion of the Android community.

Open Camera by Mark Harman actually supports recording videos without the 4GB video cap on Android 11. That would definitely be the app to download for anyone looking to record some very large files right away. It’s a well-known app with over 100,000 reviews on Google Play, so it should be worth installing, even if it’s just until Google updates Google Camera with support for the larger file limit.

There may be other apps out there that allow for larger video recording, but Open Camera is the first one that’s been reported.

While it still looks like there’s a bottleneck with the API of some apps, at least the OS itself won’t be the problem keeping people from recording large files anymore. We’re not sure exactly when other camera apps will update, but considering the Android 11 beta just launched recently, we’d expect it to take a little time.

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