Galaxy S21 Ultra video leak offers a peek at One UI 3.1 and S Pen support

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  • A video leak has demonstrated the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s One UI 3.1 features.
  • This includes long-rumored S Pen support.
  • Camera features have received some particularly notable upgrades.

You might not have to wonder what One UI 3.1 will bring to the Galaxy S21 family — one leaker might have just shown it all. GSMArena reports that Jimmy is Promo has shared a video illustrating many of One UI 3.1’s features, including the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s oft-rumored S Pen support.

Much of the familiar Galaxy Note feature set appears to have carried over to One UI 3.1, including screen-off memos, Air view, and Air command. While the S Pen will reportedly be optional for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung doesn’t appear to have compromised the software.

One UI 3.1 will also bring numerous camera upgrades, according to the leak. You’ll see a multi-camera feature that uses the Snapdragon 888 (and possibly the Exynos 2100) to show live views from three cameras at once. You’ll also see a focus enhancer and more accessible camera settings.

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Other tweaks? Samsung Internet and Notes data will sync between phones and tablets, letting you copy on one device and paste on another. You can also drop Google Discover for news in favor of Samsung Free, if that’s your preference.

The clip also appears to confirm Galaxy S21 Ultra specs beyond the S Pen support, including 16GB of RAM, 512GB of expandable storage (unlike the regular S21 models) and a 5,000mAh battery.

If the video holds up, Samsung will confirm many of these details at its January 14 Unpacked event. It’s safe to say One UI 3.1 won’t represent a radical departure from 3.0 — the update exists primarily to accommodate hardware-specific features for the Galaxy S21 Ultra and its lower-end counterparts.

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