Galaxy Fold patent reveals foldable that’s more tablet than phone

A new Galaxy Fold patent shows a device that's more like a foldable tablet.

Samsung has already released two foldable phones in the last 12 months, namely the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip. We’re also expecting the company to launch the Galaxy Fold 2 later this year, but a new patent shows that Samsung is thinking about a different take on the Fold.

A patent submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization and spotted by LetsGoDigital shows a Galaxy Fold-style foldable with an elongated ticker screen on the outside. In other words, there’s no actual smartphone-sized display on the outside as seen on the Galaxy Fold. Check out the below image via the outlet for a better idea.

A Samsung patent image showing a foldable device that's more in line with a foldable tablet.

Source: WIPO/LetsGoDigital


This design means you’d likely need to open the foldable for most tasks, such as web browsing, using the majority of apps, viewing video clips, and more. But the external screen seems like a good fit for notifications, time/date, and other simple tasks. In other words, this Galaxy Fold design seems more like a foldable tablet than a foldable phone.

This specific design is also spotted in a Samsung patent for a waterproof foldable phone. The patent discusses a number of sealing measures to prevent water getting into a foldable device. Check out the picture below.

samsung galaxy fold patent letsgodigital ticker screen

Source: WIPO/LetsGoDigital


Water-resistant phones are nothing new, as we’ve seen them for years now and they’re usually expected on ultra-premium devices. But water-resistant foldable phones are another matter, as we’ve yet to see something like this just yet. Making a foldable device water-resistant is a stiffer challenge, owing to exposed elements like the hinge and surrounding components.

It’s worth noting that this is just a patent, so it might not necessarily result in a commercially available product. Nevertheless, a water-resistant Galaxy Fold model would go a long way to ensuring users that foldables can be as durable as traditional devices (in one way). Furthermore, water-resistant designs usually protect against dust as well, which is another major enemy of foldable devices.

What would you like to see from future foldables? Sound off in the comments below! Otherwise, you can check out our Galaxy Fold 2 rumor hub at the previous link.

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