Galaxy Fold 2 details leak: A massive improvement on the cards

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One of the biggest complaints about the Samsung Galaxy Fold was the tiny size of its external smartphone display, appearing to be an after-thought for the company.

We’ve heard rumors that the Galaxy Fold 2‘s external smartphone screen will address this issue, and now an industry expert has revealed apparent specs. Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, has tweeted that the new foldable phone will pack a 6.23-inch 2,267 x 819 OLED display with a 60Hz refresh rate.

Young adds that the Galaxy Fold 2’s smartphone panel will have a punch-hole cutout. This isn’t the only punch-hole you can expect on the new phone, as the executive previously stated that Samsung is adding a punch-hole cutout to the main screen too.

Speaking of the main screen, Young claims the new foldable will have a 7.59-inch OLED display (2,213 x 1,689) with a 120Hz refresh rate. So you can expect smooth system animations and gaming with this refresh rate. The panel is also said to offer ultra-thin glass (UTG) along with a cover film.

Finally, the executive says the Galaxy Fold 2 will offer an S-Pen, much like the Galaxy Note series. There’s no word if it actually fits into the body of the foldable though.

We’re glad to hear Samsung apparently increased the size of the outside display, as it was one of the biggest issues with the Galaxy Fold. Toss in news of a 120Hz tablet display and S-Pen integration and the new Fold is looking like a substantial upgrade.

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