Details emerge for upcoming Nest-branded smart speaker, codename ‘prince’

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  • According to an anonymous source, a new Google nest smart speaker is on the way.
  • All we know so far is its codename and that it will fit in nicely with the recent Google Nest Mini.
  • It’s possible the device could act as a middle ground between the outdated Google Home and Google Home Max.

When Google first entered the smart speaker space, it had three models: the entry-level Google Home Mini; the mid-tier Google Home; and the premium Google Home Max. While the Google Home Mini got a second-generation upgrade with the Google Nest Mini, the other two haven’t.

According to anonymous sources speaking with 9to5Google, that could change soon. According to the source, there is a Google Nest-branded smart speaker on the way soon that could act as a replacement for the Google Home. It possibly could also be a replacement for the Google Home Max, acting as a middle-ground between the two.

New Google Nest speaker: What do we know?

Not much is known about the upcoming smart speaker yet, other than its internal codename: ‘prince’. If you’re wondering, yes, it does appear that it is a reference to the late musician of the same name.

9to5’s source also says the speaker will be “unassuming and familiar� and fit in nicely with the aforementioned Google Nest Mini. That likely means it will feature the same fabric design of the Mini and probably even come in the same colors: Charcoal, Chalk, Sky, and Coral.

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The speaker will not, however, have a display. That means you’ll only be able to give audio commands to the baked-in Google Assistant. However, there are already two different Google Nest smart displays to buy, so Google’s got you covered if you need a display.

Considering the Google Home and Google Home Max haven’t seen an upgrade since launching, it’s nice to hear that Google is still taking display-less smart home devices seriously. After all, if you want something that works well with Assistant but also sounds good, your best bet right now is the three-year-old Google Home Max. Hopefully, this new Google Nest speaker will be the new top choice for people who think the Nest Mini isn’t enough.

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