AVG Antivirus Review 2021

AVG Antivirus on par with Avast Antivirus has an excellent free version of its product as well as great deals on paid services. If you choose even the standard package, you will get excellent protection options. AVG gets great reviews from customers for its ease of use and reliability and in this article, we will take a closer look at all the features it offers and the quality of its performance.

Main features of AVG Antivirus

System protection, stability, and reliability are what any antivirus developer should strive for. Although AVG is not on the list of leaders, it does a great job and offers the following features:

  • Malware protection

Before a malicious file can get into your system it will pass through several kinds of checks. AVG conducts a thorough scan of all files that it considers to be a threat and detects and destroys the malicious files with a 3/4 success rate. After a threat is detected, the antivirus moves the file to a special sandbox where it analyzes it. We were especially pleased with the detection of phishing sites, blocking 91% of threats in the last test.

  • Scanning parameters

Several scan types are available, quick and deep scans as well as a USB / DVD Scan which finds and analyzes your removable disks.  There is also a selective scan where you can specify only certain folders and files to scan.

  • Real-Time Protection

Your protection should always be on the lookout, anything can happen in a few seconds in the dark. In this avg antivirus review, we can happily report that the developers have included this feature in absolutely all their versions. With it, the program will work in the background, and with the built-in AI function, it will be several times easier to detect a threat.

Additional AVG anti-virus features

AVG is constantly evolving to offer nothing but convenience and reliability. They are making great progress compared to what they used to be. Additional nice bonuses include:

  • Easy download and installation- virtually the entire download and installation process is automated, you just click the download link on the official site, and click the “Continue” button as needed. Installation time takes up to 10 minutes, which is pretty fast. You don’t need to create your account to activate the antivirus
  • User interface – the interface of the program is quite pleasant and most importantly convenient. You can check the status of your system just by the circle on the main screen, if it is green then you are fine. The scan button is impossible to miss, it’s quite noticeable. In the settings themselves, you can edit the password and control popups, whitelist/blacklist programs, etc.
  • Mobile apps – AVG offers handy mobile apps for Android. It reliably protects your mobile system from spyware and ransomware and is a great help in case of theft. If you use the Pro version, you will be able to remotely block access to your phone so that intruders can’t get to your data or even take a picture of the thief on the camera. It will also be possible to install an anti-theft tracker and block annoying phone calls. Other paid versions have more advanced features that include blocking access to applications such as banking add-ons
  • Presentation – the performance of the antivirus is at a satisfactory level, it can run smoothly even on outdated versions of the computer, and also does not consume too many resources during its background work
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