Android 11 tips: The 8 new features to explore first

There’s a new version of Android floating around, and whether you get Android 11 via an OTA update or a shiny new phone upgrade, there will be new things to explore. Android 11 includes numerous quality of life improvements and security enhancements, some of which might replace features you had in the previous version. Here are eight things you should look for when acclimating to the latest OS.

New media playback controls

Media controls have been part of the Android notification shade for years, but that changes in Android 11. That playback notification still exists, but it’ll be above your notifications in the quick settings. The upshot is your controls will always be in the same place, and they won’t push important notifications out of the way. You can even swipe left and right to switch between multiple media apps. However, you do lose a row of quick settings toggles. It’s probably a worthwhile trade-off.

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