Android 10 update coming to foldable Motorola Razr, a 2020 phone with a 2018 OS

Moto Razr foldable half folded on table 2

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

The Motorola Razr launched in 2020. However, fans were very disappointed to learn that the $1,500 Verizon-exclusive phone would launch with the 2018 version of the Android operating system: Android 9 Pie. Now, though, the phone is finally slated to receive Android 10 very soon.

According to Motorola (via Android Central), all Razr devices should see the Android 10 update start to arrive in “mid-May.�

Although we like to knock a bit on the Motorola Razr because of its various shortcomings, it looks like this Android 10 update will actually be a real boon for users. Sure, the update comes with dark mode, enhanced permissions, various gesture navigation options, and all the usual Android 10 trimmings. But Motorola is also enhancing specific features of the Motorola Razr that will make it easier to use.

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For example, the secondary display on the outside of the phone can now be used to do a variety of things without needing to unfold the phone. You can use a full QWERTY keyboard on the small display to respond to text messages, which is pretty neat. You can see notifications, use the camera, and a whole bunch more — all without opening up the phone, which will help preserve the delicate display inside.

There’s also a new My UX feature which helps you customize the look and feel of the Android 10 software and some new camera features.

Honestly, it seems as if this is how the Motorola Razr should have launched. Sure, the physical aspects of the device that we weren’t happy with would still be there, but this Android 10 update seems like it will make the phone much, much better to use.

Motorola Razr
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