June 28, 2022

Xiaomi is adding this fantastic Windows audio feature to MIUI 12

You'll be able to rock different volume levels for different apps on your Xiaomi phone.

MIUI 12 super wallpapers on a Pixel 4.

Credit: Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

  • Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 Android skin will offer a Sound Assistant feature.
  • This allows you to adjust volume on an app-by-app basis.
  • The feature is limited to the Chinese ROM for now but will eventually launch globally.

Imagine you’re listening to your favorite track on Spotify on full blast and browsing Facebook at the same time. Suddenly, you spot a dog video you want to play out, and a shrill barking sound bursts through your ear canal as you frantically press the volume down button to adjust it to acceptable levels. On Windows PCs, you have the ability to customize the volume output for specific apps to avoid something like this from happening. Soon, you’ll also have a similar feature on your Xiaomi phone.

A future MIUI feature will let you adjust the volume levels for different apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and more. It’s called “Sound Assistant� and will soon be accessible on all phones that have the updated MIUI 12 skin.

You’ll be able to trigger the Sound Assistant on your Xiaomi phone by simply pressing the volume up/down keys while playing videos or listening to music. But first, you’ll need to enable the feature through the settings app.

How to use Sound Assistant on MIUI 12?

Follow the steps below to activate Sound Assistant on your MIUI 12 phone. Once you’ve turned it on in settings, you’ll be able to customize the volume on each app on your phone.

Xiaomi Sound Assistant MIUI 12

Credit: Xiaomi

  • Open Settings and go to Sound & Vibration
  • Tap on Sound Assistant and enable both options
  • To trigger Sound Assistant, press volume up/down button
  • A round music icon will appear on the left side, tap on it, and adjust the volume

Xiaomi Sound Assistant 2 MIUI 12

Credit: Xiaomi

It’s really cool of Xiaomi to add this customizable audio feature on MIUI. However, the company notes that the feature is only available on the MIUI 12 China Beta ROM right now and will be released globally at a later date.

Wondering if you can do this on your stock Android phones? The answer is no. Stock Android doesn’t have the ability to adjust individual app sound levels. However, you can download third-party apps like App Volume Control Pro on your Android phones to set different volumes for different apps.

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