May 18, 2022

The Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Tab S7 wallpapers are here, download them now

Liven up your tablet or phone with Samsung's new wallpapers before the devices are available.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip leaning back

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G might not be unveiled until the August 5 Unpacked event at the earliest, but you can bring some of their style to your mobile devices right now. SamMobile has made the Tab S7’s wallpapers available for download, while XDA forum member yakapa40 has extracted the Z Flip 5G’s backgrounds.

The Tab S7’s wallpapers are reminiscent of the organic, multicolored imagery from the Galaxy S20 series. This time, however, Samsung has replaced the flowers and bubbles with rock formations — rather appropriate for a tablet. There are multiple variations of foregrounds and backgrounds, so you can likely find something that fits whether you want bright and cheery or dark and subdued. Check them out below:

Galaxy Tab S7 Dex wallpaper 1
Galaxy Tab S7 Dex wallpaper 2
Galaxy Tab S7 Dex wallpaper 3
Galaxy Tab S7 wallpaper 1
Galaxy Tab S7 wallpaper 2
Galaxy Tab S7 wallpaper 3
Galaxy Tab S7 wallpaper 4
Galaxy Tab S7 wallpaper 5
Galaxy Tab S7 wallpaper 6
Galaxy Tab S7 wallpaper 7
Galaxy Tab S7 wallpaper 8
Galaxy Tab S7 wallpaper 9

The Z Flip 5G wallpapers include the flowers you might recognize from the original Galaxy Z Flip’s collection, but also include a pair of abstract, multi-hued waves that should draw attention to the upgraded phone’s foldable screen. You can see the entire set here:

default wallpaper brown
default wallpaper gold
default wallpaper
essential built in wallpaper 1
essential built in wallpaper 2

For your convenience, you can download each set of wallpapers from the links below:

We wouldn’t be surprised if there are more wallpapers to come, but it’s already apparent that Samsung is determined to maintain a consistent aesthetic across its high-end devices for 2020, from the Galaxy S20 onward. You might just see a similar look for the Galaxy Note 20 and Z Fold 2.

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