June 27, 2022

The best 240Hz monitors you can buy right now

If you're ready to upgrade your monitor, sometimes 144Hz isn't enough. Here are the best 240Hz monitors to buy right now.

Samsung S80UA 4k monitor

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

A shiny new addition to your gaming battle station is always exciting, but you have to know where to start. If you’re coming from a 144Hz monitor or a non-gaming monitor altogether, have we got the treat for you. Secure the smoothest refresh rate around with the best 240Hz monitors you can buy.

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As you might expect, these are all gaming-centric speed machines, so they won’t be perfect for everyone. However, you can check out a number of our other guides to find the right monitor for your needs. Ready to upgrade your setup? Let’s get to it.

The best 240Hz monitors:

Editor’s note: We’ll be sure to keep this list of the best 240Hz monitors updated as we find new options.

Alienware 25 240Hz monitor

best 240hz monitors alienware 25

Credit: Dell

Alienware is an elder statesman in PC gaming, and it’s had more than 20 years to perfect its monitors. The Alienware 25 monitor is a perfect example of that experience, what with its 24.5-inch display, 240Hz refresh rate, and impeccable Alienware style. Every detail is spot on — from the landing craft-esque legs to the glowing lights that adorn the back of the display.

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Nobody ever said that Alienware’s accessories would come cheap, though. Be ready to shell out plenty of cash for the G-Sync and FreeSync enabled powerhouse. Unlike some other monitors that drop ports in favor of a sleek build, the Alienware 25 is equipped with two HDMI ports, USB 3.0 upstream and downstream, and even a DisplayPort option.

Samsung Odyssey G7

samsung odyssey g7

Credit: Amazon

Samsung’s Odyssey G7 is the larger, more powerful sibling to the Odyssey G5, one of our favorite 144Hz monitors. The two displays are twins in many ways — crisp QHD resolutions, vivid 27-inch displays, and clever 1000R curvatures to name a few. You’re also looking at a lightning-fast 1ms response time and both G-Sync and Freesync compatibility.

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A good battle station isn’t complete without at least a little bit of RGB lighting, and Samsung’s Infinity Core should do just the trick. It lies at the heart of this 240Hz monitor, and it brings a flash of color while you’re in the heat of battle. You can also grab a 32-inch version if you need even more space.

Lenovo Legion Y25-25

best 240hz monitors lenovo legion

Credit: Amazon

The Lenovo Legion family is loved around the world for its blend of style and performance, and the Y25-25 offers just another dose of everything you want. It’s unmistakably Lenovo, and the stand is one of the most adjustable that you’ll find on this list. You can change the height, tilt, and rotation for peak performance. Lenovo’s 24.5-inch display is just the right size if you want to add more than one monitor to your desk.

A 240Hz refresh rate is just the start when it comes to the Legion Y25-25 monitor. You’re also looking at nearly edgeless bezels, AMD FreeSync Premium, and more ports than you can shake a stick at. You can jam all of your peripherals in there thanks to four USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI, and a DisplayPort opening.

BenQ Zowie XL2540K

best 240hz monitors benq zowie

Credit: B&H

BenQ’s Zowie is another powerful sibling of a 144Hz favorite. It also happens to be one of the most affordable 25-Hz monitors you’ll find on this list. As usual, BenQ didn’t labor to slim the bezels down, but the overall design is sleek and the red highlights fit right in with plenty of battle stations.

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As for the display, you’re looking at a 24.5-inch Twisted Nematic panel with a Full HD resolution. It’s a great pick if you rely primarily on HDMI cables too — the Zowie XL2540K packs three of them as well as a DisplayPort and a headphone jack.

Viotek GFT27CXB 240Hz monitor

best 240hz monitors viotek

Credit: Amazon

Although Viotek isn’t the largest name in the 240Hz monitor game, this particular model comes up as an Amazon’s Choice product. It measures in at 27-inches, and it’s one of the few monitors to come with a fully customizable RGB ring. Between the incredible refresh rate, 1ms response time, and AMD FreeSync, you’ll probably forget that the Viotek monitor costs a fraction of what the top names cost.

You can also take advantage of Viotek’s GamePlus crosshairs for spot-on accuracy in the heart of the action. Viotek embraces its role as an affordable option, and you might be surprised by how well this budget pick stands up.

Asus TUF Gaming VG279QM

asus tuf gaming

Credit: Amazon

This list may be dedicated to 240Hz monitors, but Asus pushes the limit just a bit further with this TUF Gaming offering. It tops out with a 280Hz refresh rate and a laundry list of added goodies. You’ve got Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync, Nvidia G-Sync, and a 1ms response time to keep you at the top of your game. Asus boasts that the TUF VG279QM is the fastest gaming monitor around, and we just might believe them.

This beast will even allow you to choose between different HDR profiles depending on your needs. You can binge your favorite movies with a cinema profile or get back into gaming with a completely different setting. You may want to explore Dynamic Shadow Boost for the darkest games in your library while you’re at it.

Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx

best 240hz monitors acer

Credit: Amazon

Acer has more than earned its place among the best 240Hz monitors you can buy, even if we have no idea how to pronounce its name. This 24.5-inch Full HD display is just right for almost any desk, and the slim bezels make it feel like it just melts into your setup. As usual, you’re getting a blistering refresh rate, and the dual built-in speakers are a great touch if you aren’t wearing headphones.

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Like many others, Acer also offers its powerful monitor in a few different sizes. If 24.5-inches isn’t quite enough, you can also spring for 27-inches, though the stand is slightly different to account for the increased weight.

LG UltraGear 27GN750-B

lg ultragear

Credit: Amazon

The final monitor on today’s list is yet another powerful sibling, this time from LG. The UltraGear line promises powerful performance from pretty much any angle, and this 27-inch option pretty much covers all of the bases. You can tap into Nvidia’s G-Sync as well as HDR 10 to push your system to its limits.

LG’s IPS panel is crisp and vivid with a 99% sRGB color gamut and 1ms response time. You shouldn’t experience any tearing or stuttering as G-Sync ties your refresh rate to the speed of your GPU for seamless performance. The UltraGear sports a few red highlights that walk the line between sinister and just plain cool as well.