Put video chats on your TV with Google Meet and Chromecast

Google Hangouts Meet 1

  • Google Meet is now rolling out on Chromecast, allowing video chats on your TV.
  • You’ll only need a computer running Chrome.
  • It could be ideal for meetings while you’re working from home.

Google just made it easier to work from home during the pandemic — at least, if you prefer to work in the living room.

The company is now rolling out Google Meet on Chromecast, making video chats from your computer available on your TV or a Cast-capable display. You can attend a virtual classroom or business meeting on a big screen while freeing up your laptop for notes.

You’ll need a computer, at least a second-generation Chromecast, and the latest version of the Chrome browser. If you have the feature, you’ll see a “Cast this meeting� option that lets you specify the target device before you join. You can start or stop casting meetings mid-session by tapping the three-dot menu and choosing the relevant option.

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Meet will use whatever camera and microphone you specify on your computer, so you can rely on a dedicated webcam and mic if your built-in hardware isn’t good enough.

Google cautions that your performance “may vary.� You’re using a wireless link for a video conference, after all. Even so, this could be much more convenient for video chats than stringing a display cable to your TV, setting up a separate device or relying on multiple monitors at your desk.

The timing is apt. Google is reportedly preparing to replace Duo with Meet. The change might not take place for years, but Chromecast support could make a more compelling case for switching to Meet well before Google is ready to shut down Duo — particularly if remote work becomes commonplace well after the pandemic is over.