July 14, 2020

OnePlus Nord appears on Amazon India, launch imminent

The wait for the "affordable" OnePlus phone is almost over.

An apparent mid-range OnePlus phone render.

  • Amazon India now has a dedicated webpage for the upcoming OnePlus Phone.
  • The OnePlus Nord will most likely go on sale soon.
  • How much would you pay for the phone? Take our quick poll at the end of the article.

The OnePlus Nord is coming in hot. The company has ramped up teasers for the new “affordable� phone on social media and now Amazon India has put up a dedicated webpage for it, confirming that it’ll go on sale through the platform once it launches.

Amazon’s teaser pages usually come up when the launch of a smartphone is imminent. In the case of the OnePlus Nord, the company has already confirmed a July unveiling for India and Europe. Sadly, the phone won’t be launching in the US just yet.

The Amazon listing for the OnePlus Nord is basically a round-up of all the social media teasers we’ve been seeing lately. It prompts people to follow the OnePlusLiteZThing Instagram handle, which is a new account by the company to promote the upcoming phone. There’s also a “Notify Me� button in there to give you alerts once the OnePlus Nord becomes available to purchase.

That’s about everything that the Amazon listing talks about right now. We’re pretty sure it’ll be updated as the launch of the phone nears, so you can keep an eye out for more.

Until then, if you want to know what all the fuss is about, check out our dedicated OnePlus Nord rumor hub. Also, let us know how much you are willing to pay for the new OnePlus phone considering flagships these days cost $1,000 or more. Take this quick poll and register your vote.

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