OnePlus and Oppo phones could be more alike in the future

OnePlus 8 Pro vs Oppo Find X2 Pro

  • OnePlus and Oppo have reportedly merged their R&D efforts.
  • Software features will remain unaffected by the integration.
  • An Oppo insider reportedly said that it’s similar to the relationship between Xiaomi and Redmi.

OnePlus and Oppo often make devices that are very similar. The latest smartphone innovations coming from the BBK duo are also identical. For instance, the color-shifting electrochromic glass we first saw on the OnePlus Concept One, and recently the OnePlus 8T Concept, is now being mass-produced for the Oppo Reno 5 Pro Plus.

OnePlus even switched up its smartphone strategy last year to include more budget models, making its Oppo-fication more apparent than ever.

Now it seems, the two companies have further aligned their agendas. According to an exclusive report from DoNews, OnePlus and Oppo’s R&D departments have merged. New employees in the integrated research department are also being hired by Oppo, not OnePlus.

Oppo insiders reportedly told the publication that the research and development of the two companies had basically merged as early as December last year, but now the ink is completely dry on that deal. Oppo and OnePlus are apparently part of the Oga Group, an entity that seeks to further the integration between Oppo, Realme, and OnePlus brands.

“It’s similar to the relationship between Xiaomi and Redmi, sharing the same R&D system,� the Oppo insider told DoNews.

Elsewhere, the latest report confirms that software is not part of the R&D merger for now. So Oxygen OS and Color OS should retain their distinguishing features. Although, similarities have already started creeping up between the two skins if you look at the tweaks on Oxygen OS 11 and Color OS 11.