May 19, 2022

It’s official: OnePlus Nord will be priced below $500

OnePlus also reiterated the Nord name after accidentally confirming it last week.

An excerpt from the OnePlus Nord New Beginnings video.

  • OnePlus has posted the first part of a four episode documentary series.
  • The episode reiterates the OnePlus Nord name and reveals a sub-$500 price.
  • We also get a look at early designs for the phone.

OnePlus has posted the first episode in a four part documentary series on Instagram, detailing the development of the upcoming OnePlus Nord smartphone.

The episode doesn’t tell us much about the phone, but we do get proper confirmation of the OnePlus Nord name after the firm accidentally confirmed it on Instagram last week.

But an even bigger nugget of information is confirmation from OnePlus co-founder Pete Lau that this will be priced below $500. The last OnePlus phone priced below $500 at launch was the OnePlus 5T.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the OnePlus Nord will be priced well below $500. The company could price it at $499 and that would technically be under $500. Still, here’s hoping the price tag does indeed way below $500.

The first episode also gives us a peek at early designs for the new phone (see 5:55), including a phone with dual selfie sensors in a punch hole cutout. We don’t see a 3.5mm port at the bottom of this particular design. Check out the screenshot below.

oneplus nord instagram video early design

“Our journey continues July 7,� reads a line at the end of the video. We’re not quite sure what this means, but this could either be the date of the next episode or the launch date.

Rumored specs point to a phone with a Snapdragon 765 processor, a dual selfie camera setup, quad rear cameras, a 90Hz screen, and 30W charging. What would you like to see from the OnePlus Nord? Let us know in the comments!

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