May 28, 2022

Here’s how to set up Amazon Prime Video profiles

It's time to add some Amazon Prime Video profiles to your account and here's how to do it, along with adding Kids profile.

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After many years of waiting, Amazon Prime Video profiles are finally available for subscribers to the streaming video service. You can add multiple profiles to one account. That means family members who share your account can have their own customer Prime Video layout. Here’s how to set up Amazon Prime Video profiles, and also how to set up a Kids profile. You can sign up for the service at the link below, with a 30-day free trial.

Can you make profiles on Amazon Prime Video?

After many years of requesting this feature, subscribers in the US and other countries finally got support for profiles in early July 2020.

How many profiles can you have on Amazon Prime Video?

You can have as many as six different profiles on one account.

How to make different profiles on Amazon Prime Video via web browser

If you are setting up different profiles on Amazon Prime Video’s web site, here’s how to add one:

1. On the main Prime Video page, you should see a “Who’s Watching� menu selection, and the main profile, near the top right corner of the page. Click on the menu.

amazon prime video menu

2. Click on the “Add new� selection on the menu.

3. You should be taken to the New Profile page. Type in the name of the person for this new profile, and then click on the “Save Changes� box. That’s all you need to do to put in a new profile.

add new selection

Set up for mobile apps

If you are using the Amazon Prime Video mobile app for iOS and Android to set up a new profile, here’s how to do it.

mobile screenshots

1. Open the app, and then tap on the “My Stuff� icon at the bottom right corner.

2. You should see the main profile menu on the top left corner of the My Stuff section. Tap on it.

3. The menu should pop up. Tap on the “Create Profile� option.

4. Type in the name of the new profile and then tap on the “Save� box. That’s it.

Kids setup

kids screen

The service also has a special Kids profile. When it goes live, it only allows Prime Video content rated for kids 12 and under to be displayed. Search results and suggestions are also restricted under the Kids profile, and purchases of video are also restricted.

Setting up the Kids profile on both the web and on mobile devices is accomplished exactly like how you would add a user to Prime Video. The only change is after you type in the new profile’s name, click or tap onto the “Kids profile� toggle and it will become one. You can also use the default Kids profile that is already set up in the system and switch between it and other Prime Video different profiles.

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That’s how to set up Amazon Prime Video Profiles. Will you be signing on tonight to make one or more for your family members?