Grab the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential and 4 smart bulbs for just $29.99

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential and Direct Connect Smart Bulbs Package Deal Best Buy 2

If you’re keen to expand your smart home, you can make several upgrades at once with this killer deal. At Best Buy right now you can pick up the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential plus four smart lightbulbs all for just $29.99 ($65 off).

It’s worth taking advantage of this deal for the smart clock alone, and it’s much more than just a clock. Built-in Google Assistant allows you to set reminders, research facts, or add items to your shopping list — all via voice command. The bright display shows both the time and the weather, plus the clock trebles-up as a charging port for your phone and even a nightlight.

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The four 60W direct-connect smart bulbs can also be voice-controlled, allowing you to set the mood for a work session or movie night with ease. The C by GE app allows you to control the bulbs even when you’re not home, and schedules can be set for any day of the week.

Both of these products are on sale separately, with the Smart Clock Essential available for $24.99 ($25 off) and the C by GE smart bulbs on offer for $19.99 ($25 off). The question is, why would you pass up the chance to get both for just $5 more than the smart clock deal?

This is a limited time offer, so hit the widget below to check it out.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential and 4 Smart Bulb Package
Powered by Google Assistant, the Smart Clock Essential also acts as a night light and charging port. Throwing in four smart bulbs just sweetens the deal.