September 25, 2021

Google Search app dark mode support finally starts rolling out today

The update should complete its roll out to devices by the end of this week, enabling the new Google Search app dark mode.

google search dark mode

Source: Google

Smartphone apps that add dark mode support always get a lot more attention, and one major app is finally including that long-awaited feature. Engadget reports the Google Search app dark mode support is out of its beta period. It should go live to users via an update that should start rolling out later today.

The dark mode support will be available for smartphones with Android 10 installed, along with iPhones and iPads with either iOS 12 or 13. In order to enable the new feature in Android 10 or iOS 13, you will just need to change the operating system’s display options to dark mode. The Google Search app should switch from light to dark mode automatically. You can also enable the new mode manually in the app’s settings. iOS 12 device users will have to do this anyway.

It may take a few days for the update to completely roll out to all supported devices. If your phone or tablet doesn’t get it today, you should be able to turn on the dark mode feature by the end of the week.

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