June 25, 2022

Google Play Music users: Are you switching to YouTube Music? (Poll of the Week)

Google products are like Game of Thrones characters: Don't get too used to the ones you like.

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Last week’s poll results: With the release of the second-gen Google Pixel Buds, we asked you which true wireless ‘buds you’d buy. Nearly 7,000 of you voted, and the Pixel Buds were the standout winner. Read more about other true wireless earbuds right here.

Google products are like Game of Thrones characters: Don’t get too used to the ones you like, because they’ll probably be killed sooner or later. That’s exactly what’s happening with Google Play Music, the company’s music service. Google announced on May 12 that Play Music would shut down at the end of the year, while YouTube Music finally gains the ability to support local music files.

Like it or hate it, YouTube Music is Google’s New Hotness. Personally, I think it looks way better than Google Play Music, though I do admit it’s not as feature-packed as Play Music.

As a Play Music diehard, the transition over to YouTube Music won’t be a fun one. I know many of you feel the same way. If you’re a Google Play Music user, are you going to give YouTube Music a shot? Or are you abandoning Google’s music service for another music app? Cast your vote in the poll, and let me know in the comments which app you’ll be using going forward.

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