Google Fi or Google Voice? You no longer have to choose

The Google Fi packaging.


  • You can now use Google Fi and Google Voice on the same account.
  • You’ll need to activate the feature by setting up call forwarding on Google Voice.


Google Fi has been a favorite of many travelers, as the MVNO offers a flat $10 per GB rate in loads of countries around the world. This isn’t Google’s first foray into communications though, as the firm has long offered the Google Voice service too.

Google Voice gives you a phone number and lets you make and receive calls for free, while also offering call forwarding and other associated services. Unfortunately, Google didn’t allow an account to use both Google Fi and Google Voice, forcing you to pick one service. Thankfully, that’s changing this week.

The Mountain View company has quietly confirmed (h/t: Engadget) that Google Voice now works with Google Fi, allowing you to use each service’s number on the same account. The company says you can essentially have one number for work and another for friends and loved ones.

“To manage both Voice and Fi with the same Google account, set up call forwarding on the Google Voice settings page,� Google notes.

This change commenced on June 22, so you might have to wait a couple of days if it’s not available for you just yet.

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