June 30, 2022

Can you watch Disney Plus on Nintendo Switch?

All you need to know about Disney Plus support on the Nintendo Switch.

PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch 12

The Nintendo Switch seems like the perfect platform for a streaming service like Disney Plus. Many children would possibly own a Switch instead of a smartphone or a tablet and Disney Plus has a plethora of kids content up for consumption.

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Sadly, the Switch is not big on streaming applications even though it has a few. Disney Plus is not available on the handheld console. The Switch only offers YouTube and Hulu as of now, not even Netflix. This tells us that the Nintendo Switch is indeed capable of hosting a streaming application so it’s really up to Disney if it wants to bring its app to the Switch.

An early promo slide for the service did show Disney Plus running on the console but there have been no updates on the matter since then.

Hopefully, Disney will prioritise support for Nintendo Switch in the coming future. We will update this article as and when we know more about Disney Plus coming to the Switch.

Streaming Disney Plus on other platforms

Until Disney Plus lands on the Switch, you should know that there are many other platforms where you can watch it right now. Check out the links below to start streaming Disney Plus on your preferred device.

Subscribe to Disney Plus

Wherever you choose to stream Disney Plus, you will have to subscribe to the service and become a member beforehand. A Disney Plus monthly membership is priced at $6.99, while a yearly subscription will cost you $69.99 in the US.

Disney Plus is also available in many other countries. You can check out subscription plans for other regions in our comprehensive guide for the streaming service here. Want to know what’s available to watch before you subscribe? Check out our master list of TV shows and movies on Disney Plus.

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