June 28, 2022

Best PS4 deals and bundles

Choose from the sleek PS4 Slim or the powerful PS4 Pro with our list of the best PS4 deals and bundles available right now.

two people playing ps4

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As we’re seeing with the Nintendo Switch, demand for the PS4 is sky-high right now, with everyone looking to relieve their boredom. That means that stocks are low and deals are relatively thin on the ground. That said, you can still find some offers if you shop about. We’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of the best PS4 deals available right now.

The original PS4 has been retired, but you can still check out the sleek PS4 Slim and powerful PS4 Pro. Check out your options below.

PS4 Slim deals

playstation 4 slim console

Source: Amazon

The PS4 Slim has become the go-to option since the original PS4 console was retired. The Slim is smaller, lighter, and more energy-efficient than the original but it packs the same level of performance. The PS4 Slim also supports HDR gaming and streaming for better color depth and contrast.

You can even share games with your friends using Share Play as long as you have PlayStation Plus. The PS4 Slim also comes VR-ready and packs a 1TB hard drive to store all of your favorite games. Check out the deals and bundles below:

PS4 Slim
Pick up a PS4 Slim with God of War, The Last of Us, and Horizon Zero Dawn. You should have more than enough games to last through the end of social distancing… hopefully.

PS4 Slim – Refurbished
The best way to save on a console is to grab a refreshed unit. You can pick this 500GB model up with all of the original components at GameStop.

PS4 Pro deals

playstation 4 pro console

Source: Amazon

The PS4 Pro takes all of the great features of the Slim and turns them up to eleven. It also offers 4K gaming output and improved optimization for games like Call of Duty and Gran Turismo Sport. You can turn on Boost Mode to improve the frame-rate of games released prior to the launch of the Pro.

You can’t guarantee that a PS4 Pro will turn you into a better gamer, but at least anything you play will look next-level. Check out some bundle options at the widgets below.

PS4 Pro
Unleash the full potential of the PlayStation system with the PS4 Pro. Enjoy enhanced gameplay and spectacular graphics with 4K output and Boost Mode.

PS4 Pro – Call of Duty Bundle
Combine the power of the PS4 Pro with the enhanced graphics and gameplay of the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game. The latest CoD has been mastered specifically for maximum performance on the PS4 Pro.

Amazon often has great deals on the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, but they tend to change rapidly. Here is a link to the PS4 hub on Amazon if you want to see all of the latest deals. UK readers can also access the same deals right here.

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