AMD’s Ryzen 4000 G-series chips arrive, but the company promises you’ll want the next chip instead

Describing its newest line of Ryzen 4000 G and Ryzen Pro 4000 G chips with graphics cores as the “ultimate� desktop chips, on Tuesday AMD unleashed no fewer than 18 new processors. There’s a catch, though: They’ll be available only in pre-built systems from large PC makers.

Six of the new Ryzens, as well as three new Athlons, are aimed at consumers who would like leading multi-core performance and the ability to play games at 1080p resolution, the company said. Mirroring the nine new Ryzen and Athlons for consumers, AMD also introduced nine Pro models with enhanced security and manageability features.

The new chips are essentially desktop cousins of the company’s impressive Ryzen 4000 chips found in laptops, tuned for the higher thermal and power capabilities of a desktop. The new processors are built using a single-die design, with the x86 cores sitting alongside the Radeon graphics cores. 

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