11 best Showtime movies you can watch right now


The Showtime cable TV service also has a streaming division, allowing anyone without a cable or satellite connection to access its movies and TV shows online. There are tons of movies on Showtime to stream, with a variety of genres. However, what are the best Showtime movies to stream on your phone, tablet, or smart TV?

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We will help you out by offering our picks for the top 11 best Showtime movies you can stream right now. If you want to access these movies on Showtime, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial at the link below. After the trial period ends, the service costs $10.99 a month.

Best Showtime movies

1. The Upside

the upside

Who would have thought that bringing Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston together in a movie would be a huge hit? Yet that’s what happened with this 2018 release. Hart plays a man who has been recently released from prison. He’s looking for a job, any job. He manages to get interview by Bryan Cranston’s character, a wealthy man who is also a quadriplegic. Hart gets hired as Cranston’s caregiver, and they eventually become friends, each learning valuable lessons from each other. It’s very melodramatic, but Hart and Cranston’s performances ground this movie and make it more real.

2. Fatal Attraction

fatal attraction

This 1987 movie became a huge box office hit and an instant reference for people having issues in their marriages. Sure, you might have a few problems, but at least you don’t have a psychotic mistress who wants to kill you and your family …. right? Glenn Close plays that character, who has a brief affair with the very married Michael Douglas, but goes into full crazy mode when he tries to break it off with her. The whole “I’m not going to be ignored� line still sends chills up your spine when Close says it. It’s definitely one of the best movies on Showtime.

3. Airplane

Airplane 1980 showtime movies

Is there any movie funnier than Airplane? This 1980 spoof of airline disaster movies crams in so many hilarious gags and scenes. While many other similar spoof movies have been released since this film (including its own sequel), the original from writer-directors Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, and Jerry Zucker is surely the best of its kind (and don’t call me “Shirley�).

4. Back to the Future

back to the future showtime movies

There’s not much more about this 1985 comedy-action film than hasn’t been said a ton of times before. It’s funny, full of great action scenes, and terrific characters. Michael J. Fox stars as the typical teen Marty McFly, who under rather violent circumstances gets put in a time-traveling car and goes back to 1955. He sees his own parents as teenagers and ultimately has to get his father and his mother together or he will never exist. Christopher Lloyd is also perfect as the creator of time-travel, Dr. Emmett Brown.

5. Scream

Scream - Netflix scary movies

This 1996 thriller manages to be a satire on slasher films while also being one of the best of this genre. A mysterious killer is taking out teenagers in a small California town. Who is it, and who will stop this slasher? Director Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson get very meta in this movie, and as a result, they take the audiences on twists and turns that frequently defy expectations. It’s one of the best Showtime movies.

6. Rudy


The best sports movies are not really about the sport in the movie itself. It’s how sports can bring out the best in humanity. That’s certainly true of Rudy. The 1993 film stars Sean Astin, play a version of the real Rudy Ruettiger, who lived in Joliet, Illinois in the late 1960s. Rudy wanted to play football for Notre Dame, but both his high-school grades and his athletic ability would seem at first to make that dream a lost cause. The movie shows how Rudy, though lots of efforts of his own and with help from others, managed to make that dream a brief reality. 

7. Se7en


Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are perfect in this 1995 thriller. They play a pair of seemingly mismatched New York City police detectives. They get the assignment to solve a series of murders that seem to be committed by a person who is using the Bible’s Seven Deadly Sins as his theme. Director David Fincher came into his own with this with lots of style and darkness, which would continue for his many other film since. It’s one of the best Showtime movies.

8. American Grafitti

american grafiti

Before Star Wars, George Lucas was best known for this 1973 drama that had nothing to do with the Force or light sabers. It was a fictional look back at Lucas’ own teenage years in a small town in California in the early 1960s. It follows several teens on one night as they start to realize it’s about time to start growing up. Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, Harrison Ford, and even a brief cameo from Suzanne Somers turn this film into more than just a nostalgia-fest. 

9. Green Book

green book

The surprise winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2018, this historical drama is, like others on this list, based on a true story. Don Shirley, played by Oscar winner Mahershala Ali, is a black classical pianist who is going on tour in the South in 1962. To make sure he doesn’t get hurt during his tour, a former bouncer named Frank “Tony Lip� Vallelonga, played by Viggo Mortensen, is hired as Shirley’s driver and bodyguard. The movie shows how two very different people from two very different walks of life can become friends, while also facing down the deep bigotry of some people in the Deep South during that time period.

10 and 11. Kill Bill Volume 1 and Volume 2

kill bill showtime movies

These two films (really just two half of one huge movie) may be the best of writer-director Quentin Tarantino’s career, and that’s saying something. The 2003 and 2004 movies star Uma Thurman, a skilled assassin of a group lead by the mysterious “Bill�. She decides to leave the group and try to live a normal life, but she’s attacked, and left for dead, by Bill and her former colleagues. That’s just her backstory. The two movies show her revenge against each member of her squad and her final confrontation with Bill. These two movies are action-packed, funny, and take some unexpected turns (one section is a full-on anime story). They are definitely two of the best movies on Showtime.

That’s our list for the best Showtime movies. Which of these movies on Showtime do you plan to watch?

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